Creating Energy Flow With Creativity

Life Coaching – Art Workshops & Instruction – Home Decor & Decluttering Consultations 


photo of Heather Shalhoub holding a paint palette in front of some of her paintings

Certified Creatively Fit Coach, what does that mean?  I can work with you to use creativity and art to explore what you truly want in life or to simply unwind and release stress. This is life coaching using art and creativity.  Do you think that you don’t have a creative bone in your body?  That is not true, even if you don’t believe me. Creative expression is for everyone. Art is a great way to get out of our heads and listen to our hearts. It helps you relax, release anxiety and stress and get in touch with your intuition or gut instinct.

I Certified Creatively Fit Coach Badgestudied with Whitney Freya and became certified in January 2015. This program has been life changing for me and I can’t wait to share it with you.  Where else can you make beautiful art and feed your soul at the same time?  Creativity is just as important as physical fitness. Are you creatively fit?

Feng Shui, what is that? I studied with Tisha Morris to get certified as a feng shui consultant through the Earth Home School of Feng Shui and became certified in April 2015. My certification is in the Black Hat school of feng shui which is the more commonly used style of feng shui, also known as Western. I can apply feng shui principles and tools, such as the bagua map and decorating with the five elements and also work with you on your preferences, decor desires, furniture placement, and decluttering projects.

I also like to bring my work in the arts and creativity coaching together with feng shui by creating artwork or finding artwork to function as a “fix” or energy flow boost for areas of your home. Together, we can come up with intentions for aspects of your life, work with them in pieces of artwork and then place them in your home according to the areas that relate to those intentions based on the BTB bagua map.

Artist Heather Shalhoub painting in a gown   Heather Shalhoub seated on a purple couch  Photo of Heather Shalhoub