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Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 1

A creatively fit exercise that I have started to do often is intuitive scribble drawing. All you need to do is have something to write with, I prefer a marker, and a piece of people.  Close your eyes and scribble for 3-5 seconds.  Open your eyes and look at the scribble and see what pops out at you.

This opens you up to your creative side, like a child looking for shapes in the clouds or looking at inkblots.  Start to complete the drawing, or if you aren’t sure what pops out at you, just start doodling on the scribble and it may come to you that way.

Once you are done doodling or drawing, write down at least 5 words that come to you.  It may be words, ideas, phrases, quotes.  Write it all down and reflect.  It is also fun to look up the symbolism and meaning behind what you drew. They don’t always look like they make sense but often the meaning or what you write down will really resonate and make you say,”wow,” “whoa,” or “holy ****.”

I am going to share a scribble drawing of the day here on my blog.  Welcome to day 1.

Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 1

This is one of the first scribble drawing I did.

image of Heather Shalhoub's  Scribble Drawing 1 - drawing of a woman dancing
Heather Shalhoub – Scribble Drawing 1



My 5 words and reflection:

  1. Dance
  2. Energy
  3. Soul
  4. Flow
  5. Groove

This tells me that I need to dance to get my energy flowing.  It is good for my soul to feel the flow and get my groove back. I have been dealing with injury and pain and a pretty sedentary life so this is definitely accurate as something I needed at the time and something I still need. Dancing shows up a lot in my art.


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