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Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 2

For more info on Scribble Drawings, please read Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 1

Today’s Scribble Drawing is another of my first scribbles for this exercise. IMG_6549

The 5 words for this drawing were: 

  1. Mountain
  2. Peak
  3. Dream
  4. Sky
  5. Surmountable

My reflection:   I am going to guess that mountains often show up in scribble drawings. They can represent so much to so many people.  You can see it as a beautiful landscape, of relaxing nature, of obstacles before you, etc.  To me, I see one mountain as much bigger than all of the others.  From this, I am thinking that while this is something I need to get past, I may either be not seeing how easily I can get around it OR I am making it out to be much bigger than it actually is. My perspective is skewed by how big it is or seems to be and I am missing the bigger picture. Look at all those friendly smaller mountains nearby. Time to step back, take a few deep breaths and gain some perspective.

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