Creating My Shining New Year

I was all for planning and making 2015 my best year yet in the fall and early winter but when January got here and winter lasted for ages, I have to admit, I went into hibernation mode and I was lucky if I could get myself out of bed and out of the house to do what I needed to do on a daily basis.

Now, it is May, and I feel more like this is my New Year time of year.  My birthday is in May and the weather is making me feel refreshed and alive. May is when I have been breaking out my workbooks and planners to create my fabulous new year.

This week, Leonie Dawson, artist, business woman, author, self-help goddess extraordinaire, created a private facebook group for those who have purchased her Shining Year workbooks and I have to say, this was the kick in the pants I needed to finally fill out my workbooks. She issues a challenge to those of us who wanted to join in to get our workbooks completed before June 1 and I did it!!! I can’t believe I got them completed in less than a week. Yay me!

What I learned from my experience with these workbooks:

  1. Filling it out online was a deterrent for me. Next time I might want to get the print edition and hand write and draw my responses or just make sure I print it ASAP.
  2. The colored pages and art in the books motivated me. I accidentally printed it in black and white and this was also a deterrent for me. I didn’t want to waste paper but I needed color!
  3. I love the directed questions and list exercises. It makes me easier to focus and feel less overwhelmed when filling it out.
  4. In January, I think this was overwhelming for me on many levels.  Right now was the right time. My desires and goals seem much more clear to me. The workbook helped me see what I really want and that the goals I have are not too out of reach. I can do something small towards each goal and it is still progress.
  5. You can’t just set goals, you have to keep checking in with them, come back and reflect, refocus, see how you feel and what you have accomplished.

My favorite part of the workbook was the Dream Board project. I am a collage fiend so this was exciting for me. I broke out my box of pre-ripped magazine pages and pictures and used that, which made it much easier for me. When someone says to sit with a stack of magazines and rip or cut out pictures or words that strike me, it can take me hours because I get really intensely involved in the gathering part of the project.  I now keep a box of pre-ripped pictures and pages for any collage needs and it is much more relaxing to just go through that.

Here are pictures of my dream board collages. One is about my life in general, which was part of the 2015 Create Your Shining Year Life Workbook, and the other one is about my business and career which was part of the 2015 Create Your Shining Year Biz Workbook.

Picture of My Shining Year Life Dream Board

My Shining Year Life Dream Board

Picture of My Shining Year Biz Dream Board

My Shining Year Biz Dream Board

Note:  I am an affiliate of Leonie Dawson’s workbooks and programs.  This does not in any way sway or alter my opinion expressed here on my blog.