Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 3

Today’s scribble drawing is from a clarity session activity.  Whitney Freya had a video version of a clarity session as part of the training for the creativity coaches and I decided to play along since I really related to the limiting belief and new belief they were working on.  This is the scribble drawing I came up with as a result of watching that video.

drawing of a butterfly

5 Words: 

  1. Butterfly
  2. Content
  3. Bursting
  4. Shining
  5. Pure Joy

My reflection: 

Well, the limiting belief was about feeling that need to hide and fearing success because of how it might make others feel.  My success might make people feel bad about themselves or cause tension in my family or might make people not like me or….you get the picture. I was generally looking at my success as it relates to everyone else and fearing it. The new belief that Whitney came up with in the video for her client was, “By allowing myself to shine as brightly as possible, I give others across the world permission to do it too.” What a great way to look at it.
I have developed a way of coasting through, to do well enough but not really push myself.  Always letting someone else “win” or feel good or not wanting to step on toes or rock the boat was how I learned to cope but now it is time for a change. Sure, it might ruffle some feathers along the way as I try to push forward and be the best me instead of coasting through but being the best me can inspire others to do the same.  What a great thing it would be to spark that in even one other person.  I love this scribble drawing, the look on the butterfly’s face says something to me.  She is bursting forward, shining so bright into flight, like she has burst from a cocoon ready and raring to go but her eyes are closed and she is smiling in a look of pure joy and contentment. Why would I not want that for myself?

I don’t like everyone and I don’t have to.  Everyone doesn’t need to like me and some people just aren’t going to.

Image from http://notsalmon.com/ Then again, there are some folks who don't even like cupcakes.
From http://notsalmon.com/

For more info on Scribble Drawings, please read Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 1

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