Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 5

My scribble drawing for today is from my first Clarity Session. I was at an artist’s retreat for Creatively Fit Coaches in Nashville and this was one of the exercises we did. I was working on my worries about money and when it came to be time to do a scribble drawing for this topic, this is what I drew.


5 Words/Phrases: 

  1. Play
  2. Dance
  3. Happiness
  4. Good luck
  5. Abundance

My reflection:

When I first looked at this and thought about my worries about money, I have to admit, I didn’t get it. I could see a sense of play and dance but beyond that, I wasn’t seeing what was really in this picture. I looked up the meaning of elephants and felt more connection after that.  Elephants often symbolize happiness, longevity, good luck, stability, patience, reliability, royalty, fortune, protection, blessings on new projects and bulldozers to obstacles. That made me feel good.

A few months later, I was writing about clarity sessions for handouts when I did clarity session events.  I decided to add this one and as I did, the meaning and words behind this drawing really came to me. It looks very free, fluid, and flowing but the elephant is very solid and grounded. I can have both!  I can play. I can dance. I can be a free spirit but I can still be grounded, solid, stable, and powerful and have my fortune. Why not?

On that happy note, I leave you with this ribbon dancing elephant.

For more info on Scribble Drawings, please read Scribble Drawing of the Day – Day 1

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