Feng Shui Immersion: Paint Your Change Pennsylvania Event

I am back from Pennsylvania after a great time painting and talking about feng shui and intention setting. I had the pleasure of co-teaching a mini-retreat with fellow creatively fit coach, Jody Bennett March: Life & Biz Coach.

Our group got to learn some basics of Black Hat feng shui and how to use the bagua map in their homes.  Then we looked at the areas of life where they want to create change and see where in their homes this area of their life was represented in the bagua map.

Jody then led us through intuitive scribble exercises and we used beautiful card decks for more inspiration.  Each person was able to choose the part of their home and life they want to focus on for their painting and selected a symbol to paint.  We had a wonderful time painting and even ran late because we were all in the juicy creative flow of intention setting.

a collage image of the progression through my painting of the Eye of Horus

Heather’s Eye of Horus Painting Progression

You can see the progress of my painting of the Eye of Horus and the progression is took.  First I wrote my intention on my canvas.  I was working on a painting for my abundance and prosperity corner.  I wrote my intentions for abundance and prosperity and then I kept hearing, my cup runneth over so I drew a cup over my intentions and wrote that too.  After that, I started to paint my first layer.  Then I drew my Eye of Horus symbol and started to work on my painting.