My Experience with Hello Soul – Hello Mixed Media Mantras with Kelly Rae Roberts

I had been looking for some way to pump  up my painting process and my art technique. I needed to learn something new.  I read books and looked at websites and finally, an email came from Kelly Rae Roberts about a special on her online course for her birthday.  My gut said, Go for it! So I did. Let me tell you, my gut was right. This was EXACTLY what I needed. Not only did this course pump up my art and my technique, I learned a lot of new processes, and it helped me emotionally and spiritually too. You do some journaling exercises that really gave me some aha moments.  I also found that the mixed media process, in the stages as they are taught in this course, really helped me get through some difficult stress going on in my life.  I would get home and instead of wanting to lay on the couch stuffing my face, I wanted to go paint. I wanted to play.  I wanted to let go and lose myself to whatever I was creating.  This course is called Hello Soul – Hello Mixed Media Mantras.

The biggest challenge for me was picking the right mantra, though I can make as many as I want, I felt a strong urge that I needed to make something particular, that I needed a mantra to serve my soul right now.   I looked through my journal, I wrote down ideas, and then I watched Love, Lust or Run. Believe it or not, I got a very emotional and meaningful mantra from watching a makeover show.  I don’t always like shows like this but there is something about Stacy London.  She isn’t just dressing someone to look good, she is trying to do something new.  She is trying to help women and girls dress for self-acceptance, to love their bodies no matter what, ALL of their body, to feel empowered by clothes and about their body.  This speaks to me because clothing has always been a form of self-expression for me but I also have a lot of body image issues and some body dysmorphia tendencies. They recently aired a special, Stacy Revealed, and some of the things she said really struck me to my core. I caught myself crying, I felt something really deep from the words she was saying. I went to paint after watching and when I could not pick a mantra, it hit me.  What was it that resonated with you when you were watching that show? What words spoke to your soul?  I went back to my online streaming player and jumped around until I found the lines that really hit me the hardest.  I wrote them down and sat with them and then my mantra came to life:

“At your most vulnerable, you are most beautiful”

Thank you Stacy London for this bit of wisdom from when you were talking behind the scenes about how hard it was for the women to strip down and remove all of their security blankets and defenses and how you saw them and wanted them to see themselves.

Needless to say, I adore Kelly Rae Roberts and this course and I also really love Stacy London.

So anyway, without further delay, here is my very first mixed media mantra painting:

painting by heather shalhoub of her mantra, at your most vulnerable, you are most beautiful