Spirit Wings with Kelly Rae Roberts – Month 1

I had so much fun learning more about mixed media painting with Kelly Rae Roberts that when she announced her new Spirit Wings Painting Course, I knew I needed this.  The #1 reason I knew I needed this course? I felt resistance to it. My initial reaction to painting angels was a bit of a cringe and my face scrunched up and I felt like a stubborn little kid grossed out by vegetables.  You know you often resist what you need the most.  This was a sign to me that I really needed this.

First, we got to collage and paint and play with texture. Then she walked us step by step through creating the face, the hair, the wings, and the angel’s message. I have an art background so the face didn’t intimidate me too much but others in the online group where we all connect on facebook had never drawn a face before and made beautiful pieces. It is fantastic to see the work people of all art backgrounds are making in this course.

Here is the first angel painting I created in her Spirit Wings e-course.  I am really happy with how she turned out. I have been told by a few that this is a self portrait.  It doesn’t surprise me that she looks a little like me. It is funny to sense a theme with my paintings of things I resist.  At the Super Soul Flow Creatively Fit Coaching Retreat in Nashville, I had to paint Self-Love because I resisted it most.  When I finally painted it, I noticed that everyone else seemed to be painting so soft and light and pink and ethereal and my painting was bold and vibrant and strong. I see similar boldness to this angel with the reds in the color theme and her fiery wild curls.

image of 4 pictures capturing the progression through the stages of painting and collage

Image of Completed Angel Painting by Heather Shalhoub