International Soul Art Day – My Experience

I discovered International Soul Art Day through various other friends, most likely I was seeing it because they also “like” it on Facebook. I poked around and discovered that this sounded like it was right up my alley and conveniently, International Soul Art Day was just weeks away from when I found out about it. I signed up to receive the free email prompts on Soul Art Day, which was Wednesday, May 27, 2015.

My day was busy, I have to admit, I kept almost forgetting it was International Soul Art Day but I was reminded over and over again by posts of others participating across the world on Facebook in the group where we can all join and share.  There were some live streams from Laura Hollick and other artists working with her for this special day. She is the founder of Soul Art.  I didn’t get to see any of them but I did enjoy seeing photo updates as they shared them.

When I finally got home and got started, it was already 8pm. I went through the workbook and answered all the questions, I reflected and did the magazine picture exercise and I noticed something was stirring. I had not started my art project yet and I was already feeling something ready to shift.  The workbook helps you figure out what intentions you want to set for your art project and what to ask your soul for guidance with.

I went through my blank canvases and nothing seemed right.  I kept going back to this old canvas I had sketched in charcoal on with intention to paint…about 14 years ago.  This canvas had sat around waiting for paint for 14 years. This is not the first canvas like this that I have painted over but it seemed like all my old canvases that were unfinished called to me during the past couple months. They wanted me to reclaim them and infuse them with positive new energy and purge and let go of the past.  This was a bit anxiety inducing to think about at first but the timing was right and it felt very empowering.

I carried this canvas out to the living room with a sharpie and asked my boyfriend to trace me on the canvas for my body mapping. This is how you start the art project for Soul Art Day.  After you complete the workbook and exercises, you trace whatever parts of your body you can or want to on your art surface of any size. Some people only did their hands, some people did huge pieces with their entire body.  My piece was about the size of half of me so I got my head and torso with parts of my arms.

Image of my body mapping traced on a canvas

As I started to paint, I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to paint.  I just went with the flow.  You write a quick story as one of your exercises and that story is supposed to show up and be told through your painting.  I started to paint various sections and eventually it all came together. I was up painting until almost 2am and probably could have kept going if I didn’t need to work the next day.  The more I look at the painting, the more I get from it.  I shared it on the International Soul Art facebook page and gallery as well as with my fellow creatively fit coaches and got a lot of interesting feedback.

My painting is shown below.  I may add some finishing touches but for now, this painting just wants to sit and be absorbed and reflected on.

Image of my acrylic painting from International Soul Art Day 2015

You can see my painting and many others from around the world in the Soul Art Day gallery. I see a lot going on in my painting. Everything from the basics of I need to relax (in a hammock LOL) to a connection between NY (the big apple) and a colorful city (maybe in Italy, I got a lot of feedback that it looked like Italy). I see the elements of earth, air, water, fire. I see hearts rooted deeply into the ground. I see stairs leading somewhere. I see a lot of color and energy. I see me getting the relaxation I need with the support of a town or community. I wonder what else I might get from it when I return to this canvas for the next phase. What do you see?