Workshop Attendee

Heather, I just want to tell you that your power piece class you had two years ago ( and three years ago ) has helped me tremendously. I have not smoked a cigarette in almost two years . I’m at my healthiest weight and I’ve been crushing my goals. I look at my symbol every morning when I wake up and know my intentions. I hope you are able to give this gift to others in the near future. Keep doing what you do ! Thank you

Feng Shui Client

After Photo - feng shui
 After Photo - feng shui
“I love the reading you gave us and the guidelines.  It is a beautiful way to set up a home!  I still have some work to do and I would also like to try it on the studio which is a separate building from the house.
You’re awesome Heather!  Thank you SO much!  I’m passing your name on to my friend…  I mentioned to her how you did both our houses and how incredible and detailed you are!”
-Nadia M. 

Art Customer



“The fox paintings that Heather created gave my daughter’s room the perfect personalized touch! Her creativity and use of color brought an ideal energy to an awaiting nursery.”

-Leah S.

Workshop Attendee

“Heather’s workshops are amazingly revitalizing, therapeutic, creative, and fun. Around New Year’s Day a year ago, I painted a powerful animal symbol — the panther — and I don’t know how to paint. In April, I created a marvelously feathery canvas for overcoming obstacles. Both paintings are on my fireplace mantle. I meditate on each for a few minutes every day. They energize and inspire me.”
– Himanee G.

Workshop Attendee


“I have taken a couple of Heather’s classes and what I enjoy the most is that she can relate to how you are feeling. She is a genuine person. The patience she shows in her classes is amazing. After one of her workshops I am excited and have a renewed sense of being.”

– LisaMarie S. 

Workshop Attendee

21593_10206793753100745_8879845072636231872_n“I love taking Heather’s class she takes her time with you and explains everything in detail. Her workshops are amazing I walk out feeling like a changed person.

– Kristin A